Fancy Pants 2

In Fancy Pants 2, Fancy Pants’ has won a tasty treat for being such a fantastic golf player, but it has been stolen by a sneaky, underhanded rabbit! The rabbit has jumped through the golf ball hole! The mayor has instructed you to chase after that sneaky little rabbit to retrieve your tasty ice cream cone prize before that rabbit eats it!

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The player controls in Fancy Pants 2 are similar to the previous version of the game. Direct your crazy-haired stick figure left or right by using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Use the up arrow key to open and walk through doors, and use your down arrow key to roll down hills and skid through slippery oil spills. In addition to these key settings, you will also use the following keys throughout your gameplay.

  • Press the M key to toggle the game music on or off.
  • Press the S key to make Fancy Pants jump.
  • Press the Spacebar to pause the game.

Fancy Pants 2

Main Menu

Similar to the previous version, the main menu of Fancy Pants 2 has multiple options for you to select. For instance, you can simply walk through the “Start Game” door to begin the game from the very beginning, or you can guide Fancy Pants through one of the other three doors. In the Collectibles room you will be able to view all of the trophies you have obtained throughout your adventure, as well as choose a different color pair of pants for Fancy Pants to wear! Some colors will need to be unlocked throughout your adventure, though.

Also on the main menu screen you can find two additional doors – Select a level, and Credits. By walking through the Select a level door, you can choose to begin your game at the last level you have successfully completed. This saves you time if you decide to take a break from playing and return again later!

Levels and Unlockables

There are many levels to complete in Fancy Pants 2. In each level you can find a snail and golf ball hole. Find both of these and sink the snail in the golf ball hole in order to unlock new pants colors for Fancy Pants to wear! In addition, within each level are bonus rounds which you can play to unlock some amazing guest art! Sounds simple, right? Well, try finding all 6 colors and art pieces then!

Fancy Pants 2

Tips for Beginners

Fancy Pants 2 is an exciting game for adventurers. However, some players may find it slightly difficult to play. Try out some of these tips from expert Fancy Pants 2 players, and see how much easier the game becomes for you!

  • Fancy Pants is a speedy little guy. Since the object of the game isn’t to outrun an opponent, be mindful of how fast you let him fly through each level! Your objective is to collect all the colors and art pieces – not see how fast you can complete each level!
  • Throughout your adventure, collect the swirlies!
  • You can jump from one wall to another in order to shimmy up to the top of a floating platform.
  • Be careful touching the spiders and other objects throughout your adventure! If Fancy Pants gets hurt too many times, or if he simply dives off a cliff, you will lose a life. You can keep an eye on how close you are to losing a life by watching the life bar at the top left corner of your screen. Fancy Pants can only die up to three times before the game is over!
  • If you die 3 times, don’t worry! Your game is saved and you can always return to the last level you completed to try again!