Fancy Pants 4

Our favorite crazy haired, baggy pants wearing buddy is back and ready for action! Jump, spin, slide, and roll your way to victory in this fast-paced, action packed adventure game designed for children and adults alike! Try out Fancy Pants 4 now!

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Fancy Pants  4

How to Play

Fancy Pants 4 is an exciting, fast paced adventure game for children of all ages. The object of the game is to collect as many swirlies as you can throughout each level of the game. In addition to collecting the swirlies, you may find some bonus rounds where you can collect additional collectible items to help advance through the game! Collect all of the collectibles and you can claim your bragging rights and show off your high score to all your friends!


There are many controls for players to learn in order to properly play Fancy Pants 4. Some of the basic controls are your arrow keys. By using your left and right arrow key, you will move Fancy Pants in those directions, but be careful – he’s quite fast! In addition, throughout the game you will need to use the S key, as well as your up and down arrow keys. The S key will allow Fancy Pants to jump. If you press and hold the S key, he may jump higher than his normal basic jump! Pressing the up arrow key will make Fancy Pants open and enter doors. If you press the down arrow key, he can crouch down, slide down walls, and roll down hillsides, gaining momentum and knocking any bad guys out of his way in the process.

In addition to these function keys, there are a few other key options you should know and understand before beginning Fancy Pants 4.

  • Press the M key to toggle the game music on or off.
  • Press the spacebar to pause and unpause the game.

Fancy Pants 4

Tips for New Players

Are you new to playing Fancy Pants? Try out some of these tips while you play to help you gain a massive score!

  • While running, press the down arrow key to move into a slide or roll while going downhill.
  • Press the left or right arrow keys to press Fancy Pants against a wall. This will cause him to slide down the wall and gain a ton of score points!
  • While pressed against a wall, you can press the jump key to begin wall jumping! This can help you leap tall buildings in a single bound – almost.
  • While wall jumping, it is not necessary to use the left and right arrow keys. However, you can if you would like to enhance the effectiveness of your jumps!
  • Perform back flips and other stunts while in the bonus rounds to gain additional points!