Fancy Pants Hardest Levels

Fancy Pants Adventure game is a series if 2D side-scrolling games where the main character is a hand drawn doodle with Funky Pants. The game is extremely popular on the Internet among people of all age groups. Fancy Pants World 1, Fancy Pants World 2, and Fancy Pants world 3 can be played on browsers whereas Fancy Pants Adventure can be played on Xbox, PS Network, and iOS platforms.

Though the game is extremely engaging but users eventually lose interest in playing it due to the extremely difficult boss battles. The boss battles in the game series are very tough and each boss can be defeated by carefully analyzing and exploiting their weakness. If you are unable to clear the boss battle or identify the weakness of the enemies, then you can follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • The Original Fancy Pants Game: The hardest level of Fancy Pants 1 is where the player battles a crazy penguin in the end. The player accidentally lands on top of the penguin and eventually wakes him up from sleep which drives the penguin crazy. There is no need to jump on top of the penguin as you will end up hurting yourself. Only way to beat the penguin is to carefully observe when he will charge at you. As soon as he charges at you, double jump to evade. If you evade successfully then the Penguin will bang his head on the wall and then you can jump on his head. Repeat the cycle 3-4 times in order to defeat the crazy penguin.

  • Fancy Pants 2: In order to win this cool game, you need to defeat the giant rabbit. Defeating the giant rabbit is very easy, once you understand the jumping patterns of the rabbit. The easiest way to evade the rabbit is to stand close to the wall. The Rabbit makes 2 small hops and 1 big jump, and the moment he makes a big jump, a snail and a spider will appear (this makes the game very cool). You need to kill the snail and toss its shell on the Rabbit in order to make him unconscious. Once the rabbit is unconscious, jump on its head, repeat the steps 3 times to defeat the Rabbit.

fanc yworld 2

  • Fancy Pants 3: The main boss of this game is Captain Manly beard who can use his beard as his weapon to strike the enemies. The easiest way to defeat the captain is to avoid getting hit by his beard. Also, strike the captain by using a pencil once he lands after the jump. You need to hit the captain at least 4-5 times in order to defeat him.

fancy 3 world

The hardest levels of the Fancy Pants series will be piece of a cake if you follow the aforesaid tips.