Fancy Pants Unblocked

Spike – or as his friends like to call him, Fancy Pants – is an adventure seeking, bell-bottom wearing, hip stick figure that enjoys adding a bit of excitement to his life. Help Fancy Pants in his mission to seek out adventure, fame, and fortune in this action-packed free browser game today.

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Player Controls

Fancy Pants has several key controls for players to use to successfully complete each level in the game. The default directional keys are the arrow keys on your keypad, however, if you need to jump to a higher platform, you will need to press the S button. Additionally, you can adjust the game’s graphics quality by pressing the Q button, mute the sound by pressing the M button, as well as pause the game during any level by pressing the spacebar.

Using the default keys may be difficult to get used to at first, but the longer you play the game, the easier it will be to remember which button to press when you’re facing danger.

How to Play

Your primary objective is to help Fancy Pants complete each level by jumping over and ducking under obstacles that are in his way. In addition, you will need to use keys and open a variety of doors in order to advance to the next level.

Helpful Tip: press the down arrow key while landing from a high jump to make Fancy Pants curl into a ball to soften his landing. Fancy Pants is a lot like a cat – meaning he has multiple lives that he can lose before it becomes a permanent “lights out.” However, after three deaths, you will lose the game and need to start over.

Level 1


Fancy Pants features several levels for players to complete, and each one is significantly harder than the last. Throughout each level, you can find bonus rooms which may provide you with bonus treasures and trophies that you can collect and store in the trophy room. These trophies, though, can be significantly hard to obtain!

Fancy Pants is a free browser game that has become increasingly popular among children and adults of all ages. It offers an adventure style gameplay where the player must successfully complete one level in order to unlock the next. Throughout each level, players can try to obtain trophies to decorate their personal trophy room. The game is now available unblocked and can be played on any computer, anywhere around the world. Feel free to play Fancy Pants Unblocked today at your school’s library, at your work office, or in the comfort of your home, then show off your trophies to your friends to see if they can beat your scores!