Fancy Pants

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Play Fancy Pants now and prepare yourself for the time of your life as you run, jump, and roll your way to victory and fame!


You play as a spikey-haired, bell-bottom wearing stick figure looking for a little fun and excitement. Using the controls, you can run, jump, roll, and slide your way into multiple levels. Watch out, though! This little stick figure can pick up speed pretty quickly and you may wind up running into some mean looking spiders or cannon shooter! You can only get hurt a few times before Fancy Pants dies! Die three times and its game over for you!

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Play Fancy Pants

Player Controls

Fancy Pants has many player controls for you to learn and get accustomed to. Use the arrow keys to move your little stick figure left and right; use the up arrow key to open doors, and the down arrow key to duck down to escape danger. When using the down arrow key while landing from a jump, you can make Fancy Pants roll up into a ball, softening his landing and rolling through any obstacles that may be ahead. In addition to these basic controls, there are also other controls players should be aware of to improve their gaming experience.

  • Use the S key to jump
  • Use the spacebar key to pause the game
  • Use the Q key to cycle the graphic quality
  • Use the M key to toggle the music on or off

Fancy Pants

Main Menu

On the main menu, or main page of the game, you can find a few different doors that Fancy Pants can enter. Each door is labeled – Start game, Choose a level, Trophies, Options, and Credits.

The first two rooms listed are pretty self explanatory. The first door starts the game at level one – mainly used if this is your first time playing Fancy Pants, or if you’d simply like to start over. The second door shows you what level you all the levels you have completed so far which allows you to begin playing from the last level you’ve completed, or select another level you have already completed to play again. The third door is your Trophy room. In this room you can view the trophies you have collected, and determine which trophies you still need to collect. In the Options room you can change the color of Fancy Pants’ pants, or reset the game data completely. Finally, the Credits room will give you the list of developers and other people who have worked hard to design this game for you to enjoy.


Fancy Pants 1


There are many levels in Fancy Pants. Within each level there are also hidden bonus rooms. These bonus rooms often contain hidden treasures and trophies which you can collect and store in the trophy room. Each bonus room has a different obstacle or puzzle for you to achieve in order to obtain the trophy within. Throughout each level and bonus room, collect the swirly icons to improve your score!